blog_anniversaryOh so young! Love him and miss him every day. Today would have been our 30th wedding anniversary. Wow it’s been three years that Frank passed away from cancer.  We had an amazing life together, 2 beautiful children and built up lots of wonderful memories.  Cherish every day. I know we did.  He kidded me about it sometimes but I know he enjoyed my creativity and trying to make it special.  We try to stay mindful and present but life can get so crazy we forget about what the blessings are in front of us.  I try not to. I give gratitude and find the magic in my day. I hope you create your life also.

To celebrate our life together I am on my way on a trip with my son to Europe.  Frank and I had talked of Travis and me going and if another chance came up I should go.  So when the date of the travel was announced 7-11, I knew it was a sign from Frank. “go enjoy yourself, life your life with joy and happiness”