dream_journeyMy summer vacation…lol…This year I went on a European trip with my son. We went with a company called EF Educational tours through his high school.  We traveled with 30 highschoolers and a handfull of adults as champarones.  I love traveling with the kids.  They were so excited to all the places we visited. Our trip started in Dublin, Ireland-Wales, London and Paris.  We also had a side trip to Normandy for the D day memorials. 

To say we had a great time is an understatement.  I love to travel with my Son Travis, he is 21 and always the gentleman. I shared alot of our jouney on facebook and on istagram so it I felt like ya’ll were with me. 

As the jouney began we left Miami and took a plane to Ireland, for 2 days, then a boat to Wales. A bus to London and visit all the sites there that I have read about in books. the London Bridge, Big Ben and the Windsor Castle.  (the Queen was on holiday!) But the real reason I was excited to go on this trip was to go to a sacred spot- Stonehenge. We had a great guide that filled us in on the sites.  Our guide said he and his family would come up on hoidays and picnic where the “rocks” where and he climbed all over them with his friends!  It was interesting listening to the history and what they represented all through the history books.  As we arrived we were droped off at the gift shop then a buss ride to the site. You can’t go in by the actually stones (only certain times) but we were able to walk around the stone structures at a distance but we could still have places to sit and meditate. As I stood there with the wind blowing over the tall grasses I was able to be still and listen and I wished peace in my heart, soaking up the love the energy of this sacred space.

On the ride back I got the idea for a class called the Butterfly Magical Journey. I think I wrote most of it on the bus ride back to the hotel.  So many notes and ideas I thought, I will share when I get home and put something together.

The next day we took a tour around London town road, exciting to ride the tube to get around and then back to bed early for we took the underground train to Paris!!! So excited.