I am Brenda Nickolaus: the Artsy one, Photographer, Naturalist, Certified Creativity Fit Coach, and Soul Art Guide.

I believe we are all artists of our world. I am Your creative oracle. I use my creative gifts in my Soul Art and Nature classes to help you find the magic in the little things, find your creative Soul flow and learn to create your world.

My passion is to help people use ‘art making’ a daily practice, to tap into the wisdom of their inner knowing and their own unique creativity and expression. I have workshops available for ‘One-on-One’ or Groups.

“I took a painting class with Brenda as an relaxation escape from a very busy work and parenting schedule.  I didn’t really know what to expect and it was so much more than painting.  The tribe that Brenda attracted was amazing and the messaging, along guided exercises for creativity were fun.  I really enjoyed it.  And when I got home my son loved the painting so much he took it and hung it in his room.” ~  Jessica Carter Brice

My Soul Art and Nature classes help children and adults explore and reconnect to our natural world through through hands on art and nature projects.

My blog shares my adventures, ideas, inspiration, nature resources, and more about living and creating life outdoors!

In my art gallery and on line Etsy shop, I share and sell my photography and art to inspire you to deepen your connection to Mother Nature.

As a Practical Mystic; I work with nature’s energy for healing. I offer energy healing as a Reiki Master and guidance through tarot, oracle cards and moon astrology.

The Art of Well-being coaching: I guide you to reconnect to your inner knowing: your intuition, to build a foundation for a richer and more meaningful life. You remember your creative spark and connection to the magic all around you.  I am a certified Creatively Fit Coach and Soul Art Guide.

I have created a sacred space to help you connect to your inner guidance and to live a fulfilled and joyful life.

I am passionate about teaching, sharing ideas, and empowering you to go out and shine your brilliance.

Live. Gratitude. Explore. Love.

By Living in the moment, showing gratitude and simply exploring the flow of your journey

it will help you transform into who you are.

Love is what brings us a more fulfilled life.

“Brenda’s class was so fun and interesting the way she helps you paint a picture even if you are not an artist she was also very helpful with me because I have never painted a picture before. By the time I was done I had a beautiful picture of an owl!”   Cynthia Fischione

“I am so grateful that Brenda has started a painting class.    I have known Brenda for over 20 years and her talent and appreciation for art and nature have always been a joy to see in her writing and pictures along the way.     And I am so lucky to now be able to take class from her.  I just wanted to write to her personally and say , ‘Thanks!’ ” ~  Tammy Westfall