Art Classes for Adults


“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
Henry David Thoreau

Painting for Fun

13743449_1721492504790900_70737475_nTap into your creative spirit.

This is an open studio style experience. Bring your supplies and spread out and enjoy the time to work on something and get some advice.

Or Bring your supplies and a photo of what you would like to paint and I can help you with that. I will also have samples paintings and ideas for you to choose from if you don’t know what you want to paint.

***A basic kit of acrylic paints, brushes and 8×10 canvas for $25.00 payable to instructor on class day.***

2 times to choose from:

Monday’s – 9-11am or Tuesday’s 7-8:30pm

Location: The Jupiter Community Center – Art room
210 military trail Jupiter, Florida 33458

Cost: each class is $10.00 residents of Jupiter/$12.00 non- residents (you pay as you go and pay at the front desk}

“Love Brenda’s art classes. Not only does she provide a wonderful atmosphere but it does not matter if one knows how to paint or not. Whatever comes out is a personal masterpiece. Because she enables you to paint feelings, and those can never be wrong.” ~ Diana Black

Painting with the Spirit of Animals

Spirit Animal Paintings  



Join me once a month 1st Friday for a Vision Quest and Painting class with the “Spirit of the Animals.”

We will start with a short meditation with a sound bath of drumming to connect with our animal visitor and then paint our message, symbol.

Animal Totem/Animal Wisdom painting workshop.
Every first Friday of the Month
7:00 – 9:00 pm cost $55 Please RSVP!
– Dragonfly
– Hummingbird
– Owl
– Butterfly
– Dolphin

Are you drawn to certain animals?
Always wanted to know what an animal totem is and what they do for you?
The sessions will involve a discussion about animal wisdom and animal traits, We will have different animals each month. A few activities will include: a guided mediation to help you identify with our Spirit animal guest and a step-by-step painting session. Beginner painters are welcome.

Every indigenous culture understood that life is symbolic, and our animal allies hold keys to understanding more of who we are and what is possible. Through guided meditation and stream of consciousness writing + painting, you will receive your animal totem and gain new clarity into how to create what is next for you.


As you paint your personal animal totem canvas, you will experience

*a raising of your vibration,

*an elevation of your belief into what is available to you now,

*and a renewed ability to let go of whatever is no longer serving you.


They all have something to teach us. Which is your favorite?  No painting experience needed, you will be guided using your intuition and simple animal drawings.  Join us, explore the wisdom and paint your personal animal symbol


Painting with the Spirit of the Animals

Location – the Village Art Studio

Time: 7-9pm

Cost- $55.00 per session




Group Facilitator

Are you ready to create a shift? Ignite productivity? Engage your community?

Hire me to creatively lead your next team building activity – through art.

I will facilitate the session with one or more fun creative activities that will get your team to remember how to get in touch with their creative mind. I will teach them how to strengthen their creative mind like a muscle! that will give them confidence to think out of the box to fix challenges in the work place.

2 hour and 4 hour sessions are available.