6-week on-line Coaching Course

 The Art of Well-Being

Are you ready to live a life you create?

Are who ready to get in touch with your souls’ intuition?

Are you ready to rise above?

Do you want to explore and experience the magic in your life?

TTI often hear…

“I have so much to do and I am SUPER busy already. 

My work and To Do list is at least a MILE long. 

I don’t have the time or money to even think about what I want!”

Isn’t it time to?

  • Get rid of the negative self-talk let’s reinforce the attitudes that help you get what you really want in your life?
  • Have the life you want, don’t let self-doubt, lack of worthiness, a busy schedule, and lack of knowledge continue to worry you, and real life get in the way


If not now… when???

Join us now…

  • Find your courage to move on, do not sink into that pit of lack, fear and judgment, creativity and courage tend to be the first qualities that go out the window.
  • Fear and lack have never been good catalysts for meaningful change.


It’s time to RISE ABOVE and
tap into your intuition and find that magic.

This is a course designed for you. 

to help you find clarity, confidence and courage to move on with your life.

I will help guide you Through 6 weeks of videos and art journal prompts sent to your email and 3 coaching calls.

Through this series, you get clarity on what you want, and I will help you create a step-by-step plan to get traction and movement to create a life you love.

Go from vision to vitality with the support of the Soul Art and Nature Journal coaching.  It was designed to take busy, hungry-for-more people like you from Cloudy to Clarity, so that you can create and live the life you have always wanted.

Hello. I am Brenda Nickolaus

I created the Soul, Art and Nature Journey Series “The Art of Well-being” with coaching calls because I know how powerful it can be to have the support you need as you bring forth your vision….

It can be scary and lonely when you are out there without a guide. Life is constantly changing, and we need an internal compass.  I guide you through Soul, Art & Nature to explore a more creative way to tap into our intuition and help you create a joy filled magical life.

From very early on I have wanted to teach, to reach out and guide others to find the magic in their life. To Explore the world though new eyes.

Creativity helped me get grounded and gain clarity when I was going through a transition in my life.  I lost my husband to cancer a few years ago and moved into a new chapter of life. I found that creative spark, that flame of desire again to shoot out in the world that is real and true to what is in my heart and I want to guide you through canvas, paper and page so you can Explore the world with new eyes to reach your life goals.

Let’s watch the paint flow with ease to flow into your outer world.

It’s not just about the art, it’s about being Brave and gaining Confidence in trying something new and relating it to your life and learning how to Create the life you have dreamed about.

I am your muse and coach for a life lived from your creative heart and soul for your creative well-being.

Are You Ready to tap into your inspiration? 

Claim your Magical Life!

Just imagine:

*Having a clear vision for your life with a step-by-step plan for how to achieve it

*Waking up every morning with excitement for your next
magical step toward your Vision

*Being an inspiration to those around you because you are creating your Vision and Dreams *Having the tools to not only dream Big, but the confidence to achieve it!

Here’s what you get:

The Art of Well-Being

is a combination of 6 online video sessions and 3 coaching calls that takes you deeper into your vision.

I’ll help guide you into manifesting your vision with a variety of guides; meditation, oracle cards, nature wisdom

I will coach you one on one using a 5-step process you use to activate and decide your action steps to reach your vision and email encouragement to keep you on track.

 Art can free your unconscious mind from limiting beliefs, 

nurture your intuition and cultivate your dreams so you can live a more meaningful life.


Week 1

Dream Big, Start the Journey 

Week 2

Possibilities –  What brings you joy? Create the Spark of Desire.

Week 3

Awaken your Imagination and your Inspiration

Week 4

Explore an Artful Journey, an arrow of clear intention

Week 5

Create Clarity and Confidence so you can SAY YES,

Week 6

Flow into a Magical life receive your soul intuitive guidance.

  • 6 weeks of 20 min video meditations delivered to your email ($210 value)
  • 6 Painting guides- created toward achieving your dream ($900 value)
  • 3 1 hr. coaching calls with me ($525 value) via skype

Total value is $1635.00

Cost is normally $1635.00 but that is not what you are paying

It’s time to Rise Above.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Create your life.  

It’s time to explore and be willing to surrender what you are,
for what you could become, into what you truly are.

It’s my wish that you achieve the life you want.

I want to support you in your time of transformation.

It is time for all of us to step out and spread our wings and

become who we really are and what we are here to do.

Don’t keep doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Claim your spot now


Let’s explore what wisdom the fox or wolf have to offer.


Let’s call in the mermaid and dolphin guides to help us. It is time to dive deep and discover your hidden treasures!


Let’s ask butterfly to help us transform.


Let’s gather our tribe of lioness and roar what we want to create in our lives! 

Cost is $1635 normally but that is not what you are paying

I’m offering a special price for a limited time only to celebrate my new website

and Soul, Art and Nature Journey Series



The Art of Well-Being


***Bonus when payed in full receive a special art journal and a few artful goodies mailed to you when payment received.