Happy, happiest of New Year’s to you!
You seriously only want to read this if you are truly ready for a year
FULL of JOY! Starting today you and I and all the Creatively Fit Coaches
around the world are going to CREATE JOY all month long.
It is SUPER simple. Paint, color, draw…the word JOY.Create it alone, as a part of a design, a picture…it is a month long meditation on all the ways
 Each day you get to add to “MY JOY PALETTE!”By the end of the month, if someone was to ask you, “What brings you joy?”…they will have to pull
up a chair because you will be overflowing with ALL the ways you create joy in the art that is your life.
WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS.The challenge is: CREATE JOY every day this month.TODAY!
January 1st Day #1 Prompt:Choose joy!
“When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.”                           
Marianne Williamson
Joy is my word for the year.
GO HERE to read more, to join the JOY PALETTE Community AND to receive my latest free teaching series,
“Creating Coherent Consciousness.”
It will strap rocket boosters to your resolution to create and experience more JOY in your life in 2019.How does it get any better than this!?Well, it gets EVEN better because as you focus on JOY and raise your vibration (it has to happen) you also raise the vibration of our world. We are turning up the volume on the global JOY channel, so THAT is how it gets even better Go HERE to get more inspiration and guidance and to be a part of the JOY Palette movement all month long.
Happy New Year–we are starting it in a totally new way to ensure that we each experience lots of NEWness in 2019! SO grateful to you for being here, reading these words, and creating MORE joy for us all!
Blessings of love & laughter to you today.
Joy is everywhere when we look for it! lol
yummy donuts for my family to celebrate the New Year.