blog_soul-artI had an amazing time this Spring in Canada with Laura Hollick and the other Soul Art Guides.  I have been on this journey with her for over a year now and I was invited to be part of the shaman intensive in her studio: In CANADA!  I was so honored to go there and explore deeper into my art and my life journey.  As always though we sometimes learn the lesson many months from planting the seed of wanting to know and help us to grow and fulfill our life goals.  On this particular day we got dressed up, had our make up done and headed to the mountain to take the experience outside.  On our way out the door the scariest thunderstorm seemed to come out of no where! The wind was blowing the rain was coming down in buckets! It was scary.  As we got to the entrance to walk up the mountain the sun came out and it was sunny.  Climbing up the mountain in silence and in thought we came to a fallen log on the path as I was crossing it I slipped and fell to my knees.  Not hurt except my pride. You see I never fall down!  I got up and walked on and asked for a message…but we got busy putting up our nature art gallery and getting ready for the ceremony.  A magical time with everyone sharing their gifts and what magic they wanted to bring into the world.  After we gathered our Body Mapping we started down the mountain back to Laura’s studio.  We got to the place where I fell and we all remembered and I was so careful I went to the side to get better footing on the grass….I said “whew I’m safe” and you guessed it. I thought I was going to slide down the mountain on my bum.  And yes cameras are there, so thank you very much! They got a picture.  I really was full of mud.  A good baptism from the mountain for the rest of my journey.