It’s the day before Christmas and If you are feeling anxious and/or overwhelmed, take a few minutes and step outside into Mother Nature.

Here’s a little nature meditation for you…this is what I do when I feel overwhelmed, go on a walk in my backyard…listen to the pines singing in the wind. watch the butterflies flit about…or the front yard: count the bunnies and say hello to the gopher tortoise.

You want a place where you can connect with nature, be it your yard, park or garden the beach (my favorite). use all your senses…

Touch the grass,

listen to the wind, the bird song, 

Breathe in the scents that surround you,

close your eyes and Focus on your breath — in, and out. in and out…


open your eyes.
Re focus and think about something you are grateful for.


yes? a little joy for your day.

Sending you many blessing and I’ll see you on the trail!