Butterfly Magic on line Painting Course


Welcome to my online Butterfly Magic Painting/Coaching class. In each video we are going to journey Together into our INNER world, our OUTER world and the SPIRAL of creation of the natural transformation.  The butterfly is a symbol of the incredible Transformation and Rebirth that is a natural part of life and can help support your transitions in your life.


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Welcome to my online Butterfly Magic Painting/Coaching course.

Awaken Your Creative Spirit!

Discover  how to access your inner wisdom

and express it on the canvas!

Create change in your life!

Reclaim your Strength, Your Magic, your Wisdom

Let your life take flight

  • Are you going through a life transformation?
  • Are you feeling lost or just not sure what to do next?
  • Are you looking for inspiration into the next chapter of life?

Join me as we play through painting and explore the Wisdom of  Butterfly. I will be guiding and painting along with you as we talk about life and the challenges we all go though during transformation.

Are you ready to paint your wings?

I invite you on a

creative painting session with me.

  • you will tune into your life dreams and learn what’s just under the surface to help you grow and find direction
  • You will set your  intentions to guide you as you spread your wings for  your creative life journey.
  • You will  create your own butterfly painting: as we explore the wisdom of the butterfly to honor your transformation into a new chapter of life.

It’s time to  understand that there is a connection between confidence in one’s creative abilities and personal fulfillment & success in life.

You will recieve:

  • 4 – 20 – 30 min videos of instruction to paint along with me. you can paint all at once or pause and sink into the process
  • 4 – sets of journal prompts to guide you on your art of self discovery

I can’t wait to see YOUR butterflies and hear from you the wonderful musings your butterfly shared with you!

Do you realize that this is just the beginning!?

Remember every day we begin with a Blank Canvas to add layers of color as we continue to open up more and more to create and manifest a life we want.

Reclaim YOUR strength, YOUR magic and YOUR wisdom

as we start to use painting as a personal practice we learn to:

  • …trust our intuition more
  • …love our journey more
  • …CREATE more of the life we want!

Honor your own life transitions like the butterfly’s metamorphosis, as you paint your beautiful butterfly.


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