Living fiercely is for me about living life to the fullest-for me. and my very active fierce life came to a halt when I broke my leg in August.  I always try and see the lesson in life and this one I needed some help with.  We need to be able to ask for help from others when we are to deep into our…stuff!  I have taken a few drumming journeys since I have had my broken leg.  Going back to my fall on the mountain back in Canada during a shaman initiative. I’m always Asking questions and digging deeper.  It seems this time of year there is usually something going on that I get hurt.  So as a Shaman I journey for myself with the help of my mentor Michele Grace Lesaird and a few things have come about. Very enlightening really. One thing is the falling down and now with my broken leg is all about grounding and balance.  I tend to overdo like many of us between family and work, well it’s a stressful time.  I needed to reclaim my life through creativity. It seemed simple enough so why was I fighting it?  Feeling of fear, vulnerability of the sharing my heart though my art is terrifying! But you know. We are all artists; we create everyday and I am the artist of my life.  I can create a warm and welcoming home, I want to offer classes and workshops.  Have people over for dinner and have fun enjoying each other’s company.


I want to Share the magic; inspire friends to think about their life as art!