Are You Ready to Say YES!!!

Are you ready to join the YES Extravaganza???

All of August, I’ve been painting the word YES and experiencing the results! Wow! It has been amazing to experience and witness the energy of optimism, belief, trust and hope that has resulted!

Now, I get to share this experience with you! Yay!

You can search #YESextravaganza now to see what we are sharing (mostly on FB or Instagram–just type #YESextravaganza into any search bar and see what comes up!)

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Here’s a fun and easy way to start your YES painting!!

  1. Use any acrylic paints that you have and just start painting what you are saying YES to! Paint the words of your dreams, your ideas, how you want to feel….or simply paint the word YES!!!
  2. Then, just add color, doodles, drips…cover the white canvas!

You can see in the image above the amazing power of painting the word YES!!! I said yes to receiving all the love and blessing of the universe.  With every dot I tapped I counted my blessings.  Very meditative and a great reminder to me everyday to count my blessings!

Now it’s your turn….

TODAY…say YES to play!

…to TRYING something new!

…to believing that you CAN do it!


Thank you for wanting to be a part of the YES Extravaganza!

Share your progress with #YESextravaganza online so I can cheer you on!



P.S. This is FREE and super fun! Simply go Go HERE  to join the YES Extravaganza!  to register & receive tips, instruction & community!